Title: Klingons Don't Dance
Author: Vicki L. Reid
Email: dekrrini AT aim.com
Summary: An In Miniature story
Acknowledgements: Jay, who developed the idea of meeting our favorite characters as youngsters; and all the other Gardenites who have continued the stories. I hope you all enjoy my attempt at an In Miniatures story.
Disclaimers: Paramount owns all things Star Trek. I'm only borrowing some of the characters for awhile--for fun, not profit.


Deanna Troi, wearing a red velveteen dress with white lace ruffles, entered the gymnasium on her escort's arm. Decorated with red and white streamers everywhere and a multitude of hearts of every size imaginable, the gymnasium had been turned into a Valentine Wonderland. "Isn't it just lovely?" she breathed.

Struggling to loosen the tie around his neck which was threatening to choke him, Worf scowled, "It will take hours to clean up the gym. And I have Parises Squares practice first thing in the morning."

Sighing a little at the lack of romance in his Klingon heart, Deanna said, "I'm sure everything will be back to normal by morning, Worf." Her eyes brightened as the band began playing a slow dance number. "Let's dance, Worf."

His eyes narrowed. "Klingons do not dance," he stated emphatically.

For a few minutes she watched their other friends moving across the dance floor. Will had Soren in his arms and was threatening to 'dip' her, much to the girl's dismay. Keiko had pulled a reluctant Miles onto the dance floor and was now teaching him the latest dance step. Even Geordi and Amanda were swaying to the music. Everyone was out there enjoying themselves. Everyone but Deanna. And Worf, of course.

But then Deanna had an idea. The perfect way to get a reluctant Klingon on the dance floor. With a knowing smile, she said, "I bet Klingons are afraid to dance. No one wants to look foolish on the dance floor."

Worf's scowl intensified. "I am not afraid," he said. "Come on."

He pulled Deanna out onto the middle of the dance floor and into his arms. At first, he stamped his feet in time to the music, barely missing Deanna's toes several times. But soon Worf actually began to enjoy himself. And he was quite upset when the music ended.

All the friends gathered around a large table, one of many set up around the edge of the gymnasium. Will had his arm around Soren's shoulders, and was whispering something in her ear which made her giggle, although Deanna couldn't tell if it was his words making the girl giggle or if Will's breath was tickling her ear.

Seeing the response Will was getting from his date, Miles decided to try it with Keiko. He put his arm around her, and blew in her ear. Keiko giggled, but then said, "Miles, stop it. That tickles."

Geordi and Amanda exchanged a look, which said, *Let's not try that one.* They decided instead to simply hold hands under the table out of sight of everyone present.

But Deanna knew. And she and Worf weren't doing anything at all. He didn't have his arm around her shoulders; he wasn't holding her hand; he wasn't doing anything but sitting there watching his friends with a scowl on his face. Deanna was beginning to wonder why he had asked her to the dance at all. "You could put your arm around me, Worf," she said wistfully. "Or hold my hand. I don't bite."

Worf jerked his head to stare down at her. "What?"

Sighing deeply, she said, "I know. Klingons don't hold hands."

With a hesitant smile, Worf put his arm around Deanna, and whispered in her ear, "Is this better?"

When his breath tickled her ear, Deanna giggled just like the other girls at their table. She enjoyed the feel of Worf's arm encircling her, making her feel very safe. After all, Worf was a Klingon, and everyone knew just how fierce Klingons were.

Jean-Luc and Beverly, even though they were chaperons for this party, danced by their younger friends. Her head rested on Jean-Luc's chest, and Beverly had a serene smile on her face. Around her wrist was a simple corsage of a single red rose.

"Oh, look," Keiko said. "He gave her a rose. Isn't that romantic?"

The boys exchanged looks of consternation. None of them had thought to give their dates a rose. Or any other type of flower for that matter. "Um," Will said. "I'll be right back."

As Will rose to his feet, the others followed suit. And before they knew what was happening, the girls were left by themselves.

"What do you suppose that was all about?" Soren asked in bewilderment.

"Who knows?" Keiko answered. "They're boys, and who can understand boys?"

Amanda shrugged. "Not me that's for sure."

"Me either," Deanna sighed.

The boys were huddled just out of sight of their dates. "What are we going to do?" Miles whispered. "Where can we find flowers at this late date?"

Peeking around the corner of the bleachers they were hiding under, Will said, "Maybe it's just a chaperon thing. Maybe we don't have to give them flowers."

A couple from a grade or two below them caught Worf's eye. The little girl, part Klingon by the ridges on her brow, had a corsage on her wrist, too. A single yellow rose. "I do not think so, Will. She also wears a flower."

Geordi whistled under his breath as he caught sight of the pair. "That is one brave boy."

"What do you mean?" Worf asked with a frown.

"Tommy Paris," Geordi answered. "He asked B'Elanna Torres to the dance. And she is one little girl you don't want to make mad." When Worf continued to frown at him, Geordi explained, "The last boy that made her mad was in traction for a week."

Worf smiled rather ferociously. "She is Klingon."

Watching her with a rather appraising eye, Will said, "Cute, too." Seeing his friends glare at him, Riker added, "I can still look, you know. I have a date, but I'm not dead."

Miles brought the conversation back to their present problem. "What are we going to do about flowers?"

"There is always the garden," Worf mused.

"It must be 20 below out there!" Will protested.

Shaking his head, Worf replied, "It is a balmy 42 degrees Fahrenheit."

"The flowers must all be dead by now," Miles said.

Again Worf shook his head. "There are always flowers in the garden."

"But we don't have anything to make corsages with," Geordi added his protest.

"I am not certain," Worf said, "but I believe the girls would like flowers even if they are not in a corsage."

Will shrugged. "What do you suggest then?"

But no one had any ideas. After several minutes of simply staring at each other, Worf finally said, "Perhaps we should ask someone."

"Well, I'm not asking Jean-Luc," Will said emphatically.

"Might I be of service, Gentlemen?" a young voice asked.

Spinning around, the boys found themselves face to face with Tommy Paris, who wore a rather impish grin on his face. "I take it you forgot to get your ladies a corsage."

Although they hated to admit it, the boys had no choice. "It's our first dance with dates," Will said sheepishly. "And we didn't know about the flowers."

Tommy grinned. "Easily fixed, my friends. Just take your date for a stroll in the garden and pick a flower just for her. Trust me, she'll be impressed."

He turned to go. "Who knows, you might even be able to steal a kiss or two."

Worf frowned as he watched Tommy return to B'Elanna's side. "That young man knows entirely too much about females," he said fiercely.

"But he just saved our bacon," Miles said happily, stepping out from behind the bleachers.

Will held out a hand to Soren. "Would you care to take a stroll in the garden, Soren?" he asked, blue eyes sparkling.

"Isn't it rather chilly out there?" she asked.

"I'll keep you warm," he promised with a smile.

Before long, everyone but Worf and Deanna were strolling in the garden. Although he had asked her to accompany him, she had wanted to wait. With some trepidation, Worf noticed that her eyes were following little Tommy Paris and B'Elanna Torres as they moved gracefully around the dance floor. "Tell me, Worf," she asked finally. "Why does that little girl want to bite that boy?"

Worf almost choked. "What?"

Looking at him quite seriously, she said, "She does, Worf. I can sense it. But I can't figure out why."

"Well, um, I have no idea," Worf stuttered, pulling Deanna to her feet. "Let's go for a walk in the garden."

The night was quite chilly so Worf removed his jacket, placing it around Deanna's shoulders. Because it had felt so pleasant before, he put his arm around her shoulders. And so they continued to stroll through the garden, Deanna's head on his chest.

Finding a rosebush with pale, pink flowers, Worf plucked a single rose and presented it to Deanna with a flourish. "This is for you, Deanna," he said, "but it's beauty pales next to yours."

Blushing prettily, she said, "Why Worf, that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me."

Deanna gazed up at him, eyes sparkling in the moonlight, and her lips slightly parted in an invitation to a kiss. But Worf simply stared down at her too struck by her beauty to move.

Sighing a little, she said, "I know. Klingons don't kiss."

His lips captured hers in a gentle tentative kiss. "Klingons do kiss," Worf assured her. Gently nipping her cheek, he added, "We bite, too."



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