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Bowling, Anna C.

Bedtime Stories
A young girl demands a story from her grandmother before bed.

Friendly Advice
When Deanna receives word of Worf's pending wedding to Jadzia Dax, Riker gives her a little friendly advice.

The Guest
DS9 hosts the wedding from hell. Sequel to Friendly Advice.

Riker teaches Worf the subtle language of women.

Worf speaks with Dax's new host and tries to heal the wounds of the past. Sequel to Bedtime Stories.


Destiny, D.

All Good Things...
Continuation of the episode's W/T scene.

Like a Moth to a Flame
After Jadzia's death Deanna goes to see Worf on DS9.

The Picture
Jadzia and Worf talk, about a picture.


Lal Soong

Core Relations (off site link)
Three months after "Generations," Worf and Deanna are still on Earth, waiting for their future plans to unfold. Just before Worf proposes marriage to her, Deanna is offered a very tempting assignment on Betazed. But can she ask Worf to make the move? Meanwhile, Data is teaching at Starfleet and adjusting to his new emotions.
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A Gift For Shannara (off site link)
Told in the viewpoint of four-year old Shannara Rozhenko, this story takes us through a day in the life of a small child on a large starship. This story deals with issues of prejudice in the twenty-fourth century and can be enjoyed by any child between the ages of 4 and 80 :)
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Old Flame (off site link)
Just days after "All Good Things," Riker is still trying to overcome his jealousy as he watches Deanna grow closer to Worf.
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Reid, Vicki L.

The Cake
Worf's going to the chapel and he's gonna get married, but first he gets waylaid by a few friends.

The Chancellor's Bride
What if Worf had not relinquished his role as Chancellor of the Klingon Empire?

Diplomacy's Blade
Ambassador Worf attends a rebuilding summit on Betazed after the Dominion War.

The Good, the Naughty, and the Klingon
Alexander plays matchmaker for his father, Worf, and Deanna Troi. What should be an enjoyable excursion to the Ancient West becomes a fight for life.

Klingons Don't Dance
An In Miniature story.

Love Survives
Word reaches DS9 that Betazed has fallen to the Dominion. Worf contemplates what this means for Deanna.

The Path Not Taken
Deanna finds her separation from Worf to be painfully permanent as she has chosen to follow a path leading away from him and his love. Second in The Path series.

The Path to Honor
Will Riker searches his heart for the true path to honor. Third in The Path series.

The Path to Stovoqor
After Jadzia's death, Worf wonders if he is doing the right thing by winning a glorious battle in order to gain admittance for her into Stovoqor. First in The Path series.

The Wedding Day
Worf's wedding day with Jadzia has arrived. Can Worf let go of the past and Deanna?


Schiller, Laura

Extended ending scene for "Parallels". Deanna and Worf share a birthday dinner.

Her Rochester
Deanna is reading "Jane Eyre". Beverly can't help but notice certain parallels.

In Translation
Deanna learns the Klingon word for "imzadi".

new Metamorphosis
After the bathtub scene in "Genesis", Worf and Deanna really need to talk.

"Imzadi 2" by Peter David: a rewrite for Worf/Troi shippers.

Poetry and Heavy Objects
Deanna is curious, Worf embarrassed. Are the rumors about Klingons really true?

new Tea and Cake
Worf and Deanna change their relationship with a (slightly modified) Klingon courtship ritual.

Three Planets On One Plate
Eric, son of Worf and Deanna, carries on the family tradition of diversity.

You Can't Kiss The Sherriff
Deputy Alexander and Deanna Durango shield Sherriff Worf from the predatory advances of the barmaid.

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