Please remember to check the ratings on the stories before reading, and understand that stories marked as ADULT are not suitable for minors. Also, please remember that regardless of age, if you feel you might be offended by the content, you do have the right not to read the story. ;)

Stories by Title

After Dusk by Lady NeverAfterNon
Takes place after Pitch Black and after Chronicles of Riddick. Kind of an AU. But not really.

Chance Encounters by Sullen Gurl
In this alternate universe, Riddick and Fry had already met prior to the events in the movie, Pitch Black. Set before Riddick gets sent to The Slam.

Closer to Fine by Bloodredcherry
Her life was her vigil. Giving into the darkness would be too easy, and she at least owed them that much. It was all she could give... and it would have to be enough.

Dare by Drucilla
Dare to dream, dare to reach out, dare to love. (Third in the In The Dark -series.)

A Glow in the Darkness by Anderson, Stephanie
A Pitch Black Sequel.

In The Dark by Drucilla
Five years after the crash, Carolyn Fry encounters the last person she would have expected...

Interchange by Minxfic
What could've happened if Riddick had escaped aboard the Hunter Graztner.

Monsters In The Night by Lattelady
A Fry/Riddick romance. The people who crash on the planet struggle to face their real selves as well as fight the alien monsters around them. As they do, each is called upon to reach deep into their souls and become more than they ever thought they could be. This is a romance in the classical sense, as well modern one.

New Mecca, New Life by Tater Chip Girl
What if Carolyn had lived? What happened to Riddick and and the others when they reached New Mecca? A New Meccan historian gives you the Rest Of The Story.

Not Afraid Of The Dark by Shazrolane
Riddick explores his attraction to Carolyn.

Not For Me by Sullen Gurl
Alternate Universe: Just like in the film, Fry convinces Riddick to go back for Jack and Imam. But it all goes differently from there.

Nothing If Not Time by EmmaFrost
What if Riddick had escaped before the Hunter-Grazner had flown through the tail of that "rogue comet"?

One photograph, a thousand words by CdnSam
More happened after the crash of the Hunter Gratzner than we know. Riddick is not the bad boy he seems and Carolyn did not die that day on T2. She's been searching for Riddick to tell him the truth and when they finally meet, he realizes that he has more than just her survival to deal with.

Pound of Flesh by GoSpeedGrrrl
Fry didn't die... but she did have to bargain...

Riddick's Bitch by Harper
What if Carolyn had taken Riddick up on his offer.

Scent by Kora aka livingdeadgirl
Riddick remembers what drew him to Fry.

Scrunch by Minxfic
A short Halloween tale.

Series of Failings by recie
The creature clicked, hissed, and yanked; he pulled back and dammit, his hands would not slip.

She Came Back by Jamelith
Riddick and Fry meet again.

Smugglers and Mercs by Ardath Rekha
The encounter aboard the Hunter-Gratzner isn't the first time Riddick and Carolyn Fry have met... and the nature of their previous encounter may surprise you.

Through The Eyes Of A Kid by Lattelady
A F/R romance. This is an introspective story told from Jack's pov. Her reaction to the growning relationship between Riddickand Fry, and given Jack's past, the impact it all has on her future.

To Underverse Come by Marion
A direct continuation from the end of Chronicles of Riddick. (Mostly a Riddick story.)

Unbearable by Tater Chip Girl
On a New Mecca plantation, a woman has rebuilt her life after losing everything that mattered to her. Who is she, and what happens when the past isn't what she thought it was?

Unrestrained by Ardath Rekha
A reworking of the skiff scene. What do you think would have happened if something HAD gone wrong during the hull integrity tests? Riddick and Fry have to find a way to pass the time...

When I'm Gone by Drucilla
Songfic to 3 Doors Down. Riddick, Jack, and Fry and their contemplations at various stages post-movie. (Second in the In The Dark -series.)

Whisper Your Name by Lattelady
15 mo. after PB, Fry is missing someone who she believes is dead, unbeknownst to her he is watching her and missing her just as much.

Your Eyes, My Fear by Eleven Roses
Fry's thoughts about Riddick...