How To Submit a Story

What I archive:

- This is a Fry/Riddick fanfic archive. Your story doesn't have to have the two in a romantic relationship but it must, in some way, deal with these two characters.

- I won't archive fics with other pairings. Period. So, even if you mention both Fry & Riddick in your fic but it's mainly about the relationship between Riddick/other than Carolyn Fry or, Fry/other than Richard B. Riddick, I won't archive it. Again, this is a Fry/Riddick fanfic archive.

- Submit finished stories only. If your story is part of a WIP series, that's fine as long as the individual story you're submitting is complete.

- Please, submit your own stories only.

To submit a story:

- Send your fic to: geek-tastic AT gmx DOT com
(Please include something like Survival Instinct, Pitch Black or Fry/Riddik fic in your message's subject field, so my mailer won't treat your email as spam.)

- I would prefer if you sent your story to me in .txt format (just please make sure you have a blank line between each paragraph) but .html works too. If you'd rather use any other format, please contact me about it first.

- If your fic is already available online and you'd prefer me to retrieve it from there, just send me the url along with your permission to archive the story in question at Survival Instinct.

Required Headers For Fics

Title: Yes, it's a good idea to give your story a title. ;)
Author: Your name/nick.
Email: Your email addy, so readers can send you feedback.
Rating: Please rate your stories. For the rating system, please see below.
Summary: Please give a short description of your story.
Disclaimers: If you don't have disclaimers included, I'll add the following blurb to your fic:
"Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick and their characters belong to Universal Studios. No infringement is intended, no profit is made."

Rating System

Due to copyright issues with the MPAA over their rating system Survival Instinct uses the following ratings:

KIDS - suitable for readers of all ages       (= squeaky clean)

TEENS - suitable for readers over 13       (= some cussing, kissing & smacking)

MATURE - suitable for readers over 15       (= more cussing, kissing, groping & smacking)

ADULT - suitable for adults only       (= serious & graphic cussing, groping & smacking)

Further Suggestions

These are only suggestions, but it would be a good idea to:

- spellcheck your story before submitting it
- have your story beta-read
- mention if your story is a crossover with another film/TV series
- give some kind of content warning if your story includes, for example, character death, BDSM, extreme violence, depictions or mentions of rape


If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me at: geek-tastic AT gmx DOT com. :)