Title: She Came Back
Author: Jamelith
Email: charlotte AT smith-family.com
Rating: TEENS
Summary: Riddick and Fry meet again.
Disclaimers: Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick and their characters belong to Universal Studios. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Warnings: Mild Language, Death


It's cold, so cold. Hard shivers wrack my body. They strip from me the one thing I never thought I'd lose, control.

But I try to stay strong, and settle for controlling the skiff through Jack, my intrepid Jack. My voice rambles as it directs her, and a life is replayed.

As if from a distance I feel the roughness of a blanket. It rubs against my shaking arms and chest, but it does nothing to assuage the deep cold infecting my soul.

When it started, I welcomed it. Was I too eager for the warm rain that leached the heat from me as I drug the cells toward skiff? Was that my mistake?

The drenching torrents were considerably cooler by the time Carolyn convinced me; the others could not be left behind. It was uncomfortably cool as our group made it back to the skiff, causing even me to occasionally shiver.

Then the one true Motherfucker made sure I knew he was paying attention. He put the demon in my way. The only one I didn't beat outright. This demon sent the cold to my very bones.

That's when Carolyn came back for me. She yelled at me. She helped me. She fought for me. She saved me. She died for me.

Not for me. Please, not for me. I am the dying damned.

She wanted them to live, Jack and Imam. So that's what they'll do. She said she'd die for them, not for me.

So I did what I do best. I, Richard B. Riddick, escaped convict, murder, evened the score.

The skiff drifts aimlessly in the shipping lane. It's only a matter of time, bound to be picked up.

A glow comes from out of the darkness. It comes from the bottle raised over her head, and bathes her in it's radiant light.


This time I find my voice, "Carolyn."

"Riddick," she says gently.

"You came back."

"We're going to get you out of here," she says as she pulls the blanket away from me. "Come on, Riddick, get up." Her voice doesn't hold the urgency I remember. "Get up."

No longer tired; I rise to tower over her.

"Hold onto me?" She asks, and I do.

I feel her pull away and quickly grab her hand in mine.

She takes me away, pulling me into the sky.




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