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Duncan: I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Tessa: So, what do you think of our fertility goddess?
Duncan: I think she's wasting her time around me.

Duncan: Turning the other cheek only gets you slapped harder.

Richie: You ever had it bad for an older woman?
Duncan: Well, the situation hasn't come up recently.

Duncan: You know what they say - two's company, and four is... not sanitary.

Methos: Grab a beer. There's a cold one in the fridge.
Duncan: I know, it's my fridge.

Duncan: (about to be decapitated for poaching) But the penalty for poaching is hanging. That's it! Hang me! Hang me!

Amanda: Someone's following me!
Duncan: Someone's always following you. What did you steal this time?

Amanda: Why don't you trust me?
Duncan: Experience.

Duncan: You're still who you are. You don't change when you become immortal, you just live longer.

Terence Coventry: I say, MacLeod, you could use a bath.
Duncan: That's not me, that's the horse.