Misc. Days Videos


All music videos are made by yours truly. They may not be all that, but they are my babies so, please, do not archive the videos anywhere else, or claim them as your own. Thank you. Oh, and all videos are in .wmv format. Hope you'll enjoy!



18 and Life
Music: Skid Row
Subject: Shawn
File size: 10,9MB
Music: Charmed theme
Subject: DOOL teens
File size: 3,29MB
Groovy Kind Of Love
Music: Phil Collins
Subject: John/Marlena
File size: 8,64MB
Happy Days
Music: Happy Days theme
Subject: DOOL teens
File size: 4,51MB
I'm Too Sexy
Music: Right Said Fred
Subject: Men of DOOL
File size: 10,5MB
My Baby Loves Me
Music: Martina McBride
Subject: Craig/Nancy
File size: 9,25MB
Music: Roswell theme
Subject: DOOL
File size: 2,77MB



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