Welcome to Broe Haven fan art archive.

Here you can find DOOL signature banners, avatars/icons and desktop wallpapers, made by yours truly. :)

If you'd like to use the banners or the LJ icons, feel free to do so. All I ask is that you do not direct link them or claim them as your own, so please credit either DCE, Broe Haven or my LJ handle, ViciousGurl. Oh, and any textless icons aren't bases.

The wallpapers here are for your personal desktop use only. Please, do not direct link them or post/archive any of them on any other web sites, mailing lists, boards/forums etc. Thank you.

Hope you'll enjoy! Oh, and comments are always much appreciated. :)


LJ Icons



All fan art by DCE (aka ViciousGurl). Days of Our Lives, however, belongs to NBC, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia TriStar & whom ever else I'm forgetting right now. This is just a non-profit fan site and I am not affiliated in any way with the above mentioned PTB. No infringement is intended.